These are all XML document associated abbreviatory conventions to keep away from writing URIs in full, nothing to do with the RDF graph or OWL ontology being described.

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Handmade Furniture,handmade wood furniture,handmade furniture near me,handmade wood furniture near me,custom handmade furnitureKeith and Le are an organization with household connections in Bali, Indonesia. The net being world, RDF permits identifying the concepts that appear in the triples with global identifiers, referred to as, depending of selection, URLs (universal resource locators), URIs (common useful resource identifiers), IRIs (worldwide resource identifiers) or URNs (universal useful resource names).

The TermFactory time period ontology schema defines the skeleton of a multilingual terminological ontology in OWL, conformant with present terminology requirements and different language technology standards , wealthy and exact enough to support semantic inference and language technology applications.

The url to be sought is given here as worth of parameter named url in URL (percent) encoded format What the TF query service does with a request of this type is attempt resolve the situation of the tackle using TF location mappings until a success is discovered.

Take as an example using the name of a rustic like Finland between animate (the people) and inanimate (the area), as in Finland fought Russia and Finland borders Russia If we treat this as a homonymy, we distinguish two (individual) ideas ont1:PeopleOfFinland and ont1:RegionOfFinland , the former at school sem:Animate and the latter in sem:Inanimate , and two homomymous phrases en-Finland-N_-_ont1-PeopleOfFinland , en-Finland-N_-_ont1-RegionOfFinland If we do the identical with all nation names in all languages, we get loads of homonyms.

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A common convention for naming assets with URIS is to append the native title of a useful resource as a fragment identifier to a URL, separated by the cross-hatch or hash character #. By the Semantic Net addressing orthodoxy , this implies that a resource URI ought to be described in a document obtained from the given URL at a location pointed to by the fragment identifier.


An specific idea definition of the terminological type is a textual sign of type time period:Definition that bears relation term:definitionOf (a subproperty of sign:hasMeaning co-hyponymous with time period:referentOf ) to the idea it defines.

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