If you want a stylish interior, you need a designer

If you want a stylish interior, you need a designer! But you still have to double-check the working documentation.

Everyone who has encountered repairs knows how hard it is both mentally and physically, and having a business is doubly stressful.

Wishing to somehow make this time easier for ourselves, it was decided to hire an interior designer to carry out a design project and a selection of furniture for our budget.

For ourselves, we have chosen the full package, above I explained why. And you know, I never regretted it. But this is all individual. For some, a simple furniture arrangement plan is enough.

After the first meeting, I had a very good opinion of the designer as a specialist in his field.

Firstly, she told us that it turns out that it is impossible to make different floors in the rooms, with the exception of the bathroom, and then

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