This template tells that terms are sorted by the language code of the designation, for the value of the kind property equals the langCode property of the designation of the time period.

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Within the above example, the meaning of the predicates rdf:type and rdf:subClassOf is mounted (and explained) by the W3 consortium. An RDF property is a URI (named resource) that represents a binary relation considered object-orientedly, as a property of members of its domain, taking values from a variety.

As a descendant of classical logic, ontologies are weakly typed. Undertaken several business tasks including bespoke items, office and retail areas, exhibitions and art installations. The TF common language semantics is described in part on the NLP interface Particular language ideas are beneath ont:Idea Namespace meta is for shared administrative or metamodeling vocabulary.

We want to use TermFactory as a platform in a crowdsourcing effort to test the Finnish translation of WordNet. TF string literals equivalent to texts and baseforms can have datatype rdf:PlainLiteral by default. From this point of view, the simple reply to what TF TermFactory is about is that this: it is a tool for facilitating choice of names and addresses to suit with modifications of context.

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An RDF property is a URI (named useful resource) that represents a binary relation viewed object-orientedly, as a property of members of its domain, taking values from a spread. There might stay instances in the data that aren’t listed as entries, although they might be proved to be members of the entry root class from the mannequin and schema together, using sort realization and sufficient time.


The boolean property triple meta:Entry meta:invent “true” in a template model tells the writer to invent inverse property names for properties missing inverses, by suffixing -InverseObjectProperty to any such property name.

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