As an Encore: The Best Pieces Designed in 2022 to Be Showcased at the Upcoming iSaloni

When it comes to design of various goods, particularly furniture, good ideas are certainly worth repeating. Innovative design concepts that have proven to be successful, can well be updated and reimagined to create new exciting products. The reason is simple: really good ideas are timeless, so they could be easily adapted to meet the needs and tastes of generations of consumers.

Furthermore, repeating good ideas also helps to establish brand recognition and loyalty. If a company creates a successful product, it makes sense to revisit that design and create variations or updates that appeal to new customers while still satisfying existing ones.

Bellavista Collection – the brand, which has long been known for its Italian luxury furniture, makes the most of this approach. If a concept scores a success, why not use it again to create new amazing pieces?

For example, at the last year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, a.k.a. iSaloni, a number of exhibits from Bellavista Collection captured the attention of visitors and industry experts alike. Innovative designs, high-quality materials, and attention to detail set the brand’s items apart in this highly competitive market. Besides, these products combined functionality and aesthetics, which is typical to everything manufactured by Bellavista Collection. Use of natural materials such as leather, wood, and marble added a touch of sophistication to their designs, while their unique shapes and colors provided a sense of individuality and style.

Loyal customers remember that Bellavista Collection usually presents its achievements as complete ensembles, rather than separate items. In other words, Bellavista’s exhibitor booth at iSaloni and other trade events looks like a luxurious apartment. The booth is divided into a few zones, such as a living-room, bedroom, and dining area. This year won’t be an exception.

As to the showpieces, here are a few solutions that will definitely turn heads soon at this year’s iSaloni – in spite of the fact that their prototypes have already been presented to the public before. However, these pieces are by no means the same: their design has been re-interpreted and perfected.

The Bespoke Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet area was a novelty of the Bellavista’s display at the last year’s iSaloni and scored a great success there. No wonder that the brand decided to re-work this concept and showcase a new bespoke walk-in closet in 2023.

Both models were developed with functionality and style in mind, offering a luxurious and practical way to organize and store footwear, clothing and accessories. The latest walk-in closet design incorporates such features as adjustable coat hanger, cleverly arranged pull-out drawers, and integrated LED lighting to maximize space and create a seamless, organized look.

The new walk-in closet is a great example of how the practicality and stylish design can work hand in hand to create functional and beautiful space.

I PREZIOSI Collection

The dining area at the upcoming Salone del Mobile 2023 will feature I PREZIOSI collection – a group of chic side tables. Right now, you can see them on the brand’s website, in a separate section.

Made using Carrara marble and decorated with semi-precious stones, such as green malachite (FLUT), tiger’s eye (WANDER), and amethyst (MAGGIE), all tables are more than just furniture pieces. They illustrate the great (and often underestimated) potential of natural stone as a material for furniture-making.

In September 2022, I PREZIOSI has been showcased at a prestigious trade event related to stone. Named BRAND&STONE, this exhibition is held inside The Italian Stone Theatre in Verona, Italy. BRAND&STONE actually the cultural section of MARMOMAC – the reputable trade fair fully devoted to various aspects of stone processing.

T TENGO Cabinets

One more new set of pieces, based on the existing concept, is T-TENGO. When created in 2022, it was just a tall cabinet, but now it also includes a bar cabinet as well.

T-TENGO was initially designed jointly with Centropolis Design – a Milan-based studio, which specializes mostly on customized lighting solutions. So, you’ll surely be impressed with the lighting of T-TENGO’s backlit inner space.

Both cabinets were designed to be both functional and stylish, offering a seamless blend of form and function. The tall cabinet is perfect for storing books, documents, or any other items, while its sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to any living space. The bar cabinet, in its turn, is a perfect addition to any entertainment area, providing a practical way to store and display drinks and glassware.

Overall, T TENGO serves as a great example of the brand’s commitment to creating versatile and practical furniture that can adapt to a wide range of spaces and needs. Its clean lines and modest elegance are sure to appeal to those looking for furniture that is both functional and stylish.


Bellavista Collection’s customers still remember STILIO, OLIVIA, and STARGATE – three gorgeous lighting fixtures initially developed and showcased in 2022. Good news: these wo sconces and a chandelier are set to make a return this year.

All of these lamps can boast of elegant and modern design that could complement a wide range of decor styles. OLIVIA and STILIO sconces look extremely diverse, yet you’ll surely like both. The curved lines of the former and strict rectangular shape of the latter are charming – each in their own way.

STARGATE chandelier instantly turns attention, too. Its stylish lampshade is composed of four rings, with two of them made of wood and the other two – of metal.

The timeless design and versatility of STILIO, OLIVIA, and STARGATE lamps make them a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their living space.

When you look at Bellavista Collection’s pieces, be it at a trade fair or while browsing the website, it’s clear that the brand is committed to creating products that not only meet, but exceed expectations. it’s no surprise that they not only turn heads at industry events like iSaloni, but also stay extremely popular with the brand’s customers for decades.

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